Sweet Haven was born out of our need for balance… for when you want to have your cake & eat it too, without all the extra bad stuff.

Made in Europe, under the strictest of food standards... you can be confident that every bite of Sweet Haven is not only delicious but has the best of ingredients.

Sweet Haven master confectioners searched the world to find the best ingredients and textures that will excite your taste buds, while being both Better for You and Better for Earth.

  • Delicious Vegan Candy

    Whether you're a chocolate lover or a chewy fruit candy lover, we have an option for you.

    Discover all the flavors 
  • Better for you

    We carefully selected ingredients that are non-gmo and 100% vegan. Never artificially flavored or colored! You can feel good about picking up Sweet Haven for your snack.

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  • Better for Earth

    We are taking efforts every day to do our part in taking care of the Earth. From our sustainably sourced ingredients to carbon neutral production.

    Learn more about our efforts 
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